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Congrats Class of 2021! 2560 1884 Copa Admin
Congrats Class of 2021!
RIP Alum Dr. Andy Schippel 756 622 Copa Admin
RIP Alum Dr. Andy Schippel

From the moment he arrived on our campus, everyone knew Andy. He had a boyish, infectious smile and an energy that you couldn’t help but feed off of. It was tough not to smile when he was around. As a resident, he simply wanted to take care of patients, do it well, and brighten up the day for the patients and the staff. He would bop around the department, make some jokes, and usually make a friend or two. When he went into a patients room he’d smile when he introduced himself to the patient, then his serious “doctor face”…

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Welcome Class of 2024! 1248 576 Copa Admin
Welcome Class of 2024!

Welcome Class of 2024! We are so excited to announce our new class of interns, here they are:

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Case Report: SVT, A-fib, or A-flutter? 564 255 Richie Cunningham

Case Report: SVT, A-fib, or A-flutter?

Post Authors: Anisa Mughal, MD (PGY-2) and Kevin Drechsel, MD (Attending, Mayo Clinic-Phoenix) CC: Shortness of breath HPI: This patient was a 61-year-old male with…

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Case Report: 28-year-old Male with Fatigue 732 549 Richie Cunningham

Case Report: 28-year-old Male with Fatigue

Post Author: Anisa Mughal, MD, PGY-2 History and Physical Examination: A 28-year-old male with a history of renal tubular acidosis and urinary retention presents with…

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Battle of the Blades: Part 4 690 539 Richie Cunningham

Battle of the Blades: Part 4

Part 4: Can we have one without the other? First to consider is the problem common to both principal types of video laryngoscopes, the standard…

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