University of Louisville School of Medicine

Randall Beaupre

Hey y’all, I’m Beau (or Randy). I am a native Phonecian and earned a degree in Construction Management from ASU (go devils!). A change in heart and career path led my wife, Brie, and I to move to the beautiful, green, state of Kentucky where I completed a Post-Bac program and then medical school. After 6 years gone we were excited to call Phoenix home again and there’s no place I’d rather be than at Copa. I am a fan of Garth Brooks, Linkin Park, street tacos, a good pair of boots, the pursuit of a big fish, sunny days on the golf course, and any time spent on the lake. Just as residency started, our twin boys were brought into this world, doubling our family and doubling our joy and love (along with our 2 pups). If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering if Copa is a place you’ll fit in. This is (and rightfully should be) one of the biggest factors in ranking a residency program. Family is in our core values here at Copa and I have not seen that lived out any place better. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have!

St. Louis University - CHIEF RESIDENT

Jim Butler

How’s it going? My name’s Jim and I’m happy you made your way to this page to learn a little more about how great of a program Copa is. I grew up in Saint Louis, went to Vanderbilt in Nashville for college, and then worked as a primary school English teacher in a small town near Granada in Spain before returning to Saint Louis for medical school. I’ve spent time working in Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic and am interested in ultrasound and global health. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and family, play ice hockey, smoke meat, play guitar, and float down rivers.
Besides the bright sun and language of Arizona being eerily similar to southern Spain, why did I choose Copa? Like you (reader of resident bios), I found the backgrounds, personalities, and interests of my prospective colleagues to be a really important factor in choosing a residency program. I now work alongside genuinely good people whose enthusiasm, work ethic, and multitude of outside interests drive me to become better daily. The same people who push you to grow professionally will jump at the opportunity to try out a new restaurant, go out after a shift, or barrel down a mountain on a bike with you. Combine that with amazing pathology, three full months of electives, and supportive leadership and you’re left with something special. Come experience this amazing opportunity to grow both as a physician and as a person. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Western University of Health Sciences

Crista Cabahug

Hi Friends, I’m Crista! I was born and raised in San Bernardino, CA, the home of the very first McDonalds! I’m just your average Cali Girl who enjoys drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes in 70-degree weather after watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix! My true passions in life are teaching and
treating underserved communities. I dedicated my undergraduate career at UC Riverside to community service and extended my medical education an extra year at Western University of Health Sciences to be a Teaching Fellow for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I feel very grateful to continue what sparks joy in my life by joining the Copa Family! Outside the ED, you will find me dancing in Zumba class, using my novice skills as a rock climber to get up a wall, and taking pictures of my food at brunch! Please come visit to experience the high-caliber training at Maricopa and the beauties of Phoenix for yourself! Can’t wait to meet you!

Rocky Vista University

Codee Champney

Hi, I’m Codee. I’m originally a flatlander from the midwest that has been gravitating west since college. I met my favorite human during medical school in Colorado. I discovered my love for the southwestern culture and sunshine through hiking, climbing, and camping. All things that were totally foreign to me. After a few transformational experiences in what I lovingly called “the wilderness” I was converted. If I’m not exploring I am probably cooking, scuba diving, working out, or taking a pottery class…. but mostly cooking. Currently my favorite dishes to cook are khao soi (aka the best thai curry in existence), a creamy parmesan pesto sauce, or coconut blueberry corn tarts. I love sharing meals with new people. I became interested in EM as a scribe in a suburban ED. I loved the variety of problems that came through the door and the pace of the work. I am excited to serve and learn from such a vastly diverse population while at Copa. And I love the caring, intelligent, fun people I get to work with.

Ohio State University

Richie Cunningham

Hey all! My name is Richie. I was born in Pittsburgh, the Paris of Appalachia, and grew up in South Central Pennsylvania, the land of Hershey’s chocolate, snack foods, and the Amish. For college, I moved down to Florida for a nice four-year vacation in the weirdest state. Somehow along the way I got my act together, was accepted to medical school, and made my triumphant return north of the Mason-Dixon to my father’s homeland of Ohio to be a Buckeye. Throughout college and med school I was able to work abroad in Haiti, Honduras, and Bolivia and subsequently realized I could save a ton of money on airfare and interact with a diverse and underserved patient population right here in the US. Besides the opportunity to work at a gritty county hospital and keep up my Spanish, I came to ‘Copa because the people here are the most fun and down-to-earth I met on the interview trail. And after 8 years of living in two very flat states, I figured topography would be a nice change! In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting, backpacking, hiking, pretending to be well-read, seeing how long I can grow my beard, and fantasizing about one day finally getting a dog of my own. ‘Copa is dope, come check it out! PS: It’s a dry heat!

University of Washington

Bryan Feinstein

Hi everybody, I’m Bryan! I grew up in New York – GO ‘CUSE – before making the pilgrimage out west after college. Two weeks after graduation, I almost died of HAPE trying to climb Denali and realized that I might benefit from some medical training. I ended up taking a wilderness EMT course and subsequently fell in love with medicine. I spent the last decade before medical school working various jobs from ski lift operator to mountain bike guide to flight paramedic and living between Arizona/Utah/Wyoming. I’m most at home sleeping outside and/or living out of my truck. I love climbing, skiing, and biking and surprisingly you can do ALL of these things at ‘COPA! Professionally, I am interested in transport medicine, search and rescue, and EMS medical direction. You should 100% come check out ‘COPA. The training is phenomenal, the residency program is truly family, and you function as the safety net for a unique community of underserved patients. Yeah, it’s a tad hot a few months of the year, but it just allows for different outdoor activities (night biking, pool parties, etc.) and the rest of the year the weather is perfect. Also, if you haven’t heard yet it’s a DRY heat! The easy access to the outdoors while living in the fifth largest city in the country is unrivaled. I’m so stoked to be here and the ‘COPA family looks forward to meeting you!

Florida International University

Tamlyn Hall

Hi guys! I’m Tamlyn. I’m originally from Texas but I’ve been in sunny south Florida for the last ten years working on my tan. My whole life I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician until I did my Peds rotation and realized I couldn’t spend hours a day on milestones and I needed a little (a lot) more excitement in my life. Fell into EM on a recommendation and now couldn’t be happier! Hope to do some combination of pediatric emergency medicine and international medicine in the future, and I’m glad we have three elective months so I can figure out how to do it. Outside of medicine, I’m pretty much the opposite of the EM stereotype; my favorite things are bottomless brunch, The Bachelor/Bachelorette (NO, it’s not scripted), cooking elaborate meals, and spending all my money on shoes and traveling. Anything basic or boujie is up my alley! But the Copa family is so real and our differences are not just accepted, but celebrated. It’s part of what makes this program so awesome, in addition to the patient population and the perks of Phoenix. Come check us out!

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Luke He

Hey!! I’m Luke, and I’m from Springfield, Missouri. I went to undergraduate and medical school in Kansas City, Missouri. I don’t mountain bike, ski, and travel as much as the other residents, but I do have some interesting/weird things I can still share with you. I raced in a canoe from Kansas City to St. Louis twice (PR 59 hours). I once had a pet snapping turtle for two weeks but reluctantly had to release it. I’ve been bitten by an alpaca and a penguin. I love off-road around Arizona in my Jeep with my German Shepard (‘Merica!). As for my other pets, one of my two cats is overweight with hypertension and glaucoma but if you ever meet him you’ll fall in love. I enjoy bass fishing and smoking barbecue, and yes you are invited to the next cookout if you hit me up. Not sure why almost all of my facts are animal related, but anyways, Copa is legit. I’ve made amazing friends here and already explored so much in this amazing city and region. Being at a true county hospital, you really get the opportunity to make an impact on your patients and this city while also being in a very diverse training environment. The faculty is top notch and work very hard to make this program resident oriented and the best it can be. The city is fun with some of the best weather and outdoor access, and it’s affordable so I am able to rent a house with a yard for my crazy animals a few miles from the hospital. I love it here, and I think you would too, check us out!

Columbia University

Mike Henry

Hey friends, I’m Mike. I grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (town motto: “A Good Place to Live”) and went to college nearby at Penn State University. Twenty-two years in rural Pennsylvania was about enough, so I moved as far away as I could, to East Africa to work on a research team studying control of malaria mosquitoes. I shadowed a doctor at a district hospital there, which was where I decided to pursue a career in medicine. During medical school in New York City, I snuck away again to work as a research coordinator for the new emergency medicine residency in Rwanda. Looking to see more of my own country, I signed up for a rotation at Maricopa, and fell in love. Copa pride is a real thing: the residents and other ED staff feel like a real family, having fun with each other while working hard to serve as the safety net hospital in Phoenix. It felt like the perfect place to learn and practice EM with a community health focus, and it doesn’t hurt that I’ve missed sunny warm weather and outdoor adventures since leaving Africa. Phoenix also has more than enough arts, music, food, and diversity to satisfy the New Yorker in me. My interests are epidemiology and global health research, mountain biking and camping, learning languages, reading, and board games (if you’re in the department and hear someone shout “nerd!”, they’re probably referring to me). Check us out if you think you could also be a member of the awesome Copa family!

AT Still

Kelsey Keeling

Hi everyone! I’m Kelsey, and I am a Missouri Ozarks native (just like the Netflix show!) I grew up on a farm where my nearest neighbor was over a mile away, so you could say my upbringing was “unique.” I learned during my childhood and teenage years that manual labor wasn’t my thing, so I went to college at Missouri State University (Go Bears!). I eventually got my fill of Missouri and went on to do medical school at A.T. Still University-SOMA right here in the Phoenix area. My hobbies are typical of most EM residents- hiking, camping, kayaking, photography, and some video gaming thrown in. I chose Maricopa because I wanted a county experience with a group of residents who were laid back, fun-loving, and tight knit. I am exceptionally happy to be a part of the Copa friendly; come see what we’re all about!

Midwestern University - CHIEF RESIDENT

Jon Kelley

Hello friends! If you are reading this, it means that you have already made a fantastic decision and are researching what I believe to be the best EM residency around, Copa! I am born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I spent 9 years after high school touring and drumming in a rock band before going to college. My hobbies are what could be considered cliche for an EM resident. I enjoy mountain biking, camping, bikepacking, and hanging out with my wife. We are both IPA enthusiasts and love exploring the endless breweries throughout Phoenix. I chose Maricopa for a variety of reasons. The training is unparalleled, the patient population is awesome, and Copa is truly a family! The program is designed to help you explore interests within emergency medicine and find your niche. I really hope you get a chance to come visit and experience it for yourselves and see what the Copa hype is all about!

Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Kat Lettang

Hey all, I’m Kat! I’ve lived a nomadic life, but grew up primarily in Ft. Collins, CO and then San Diego, CA. Growing up, I purposefully did nothing involving the outdoors or medicine. Instead I ambitiously pursued the career of a classical trombonist. I attended Interlochen Arts Academy and then Oberlin Conservatory and Oberlin College for undergrad. My musical opportunities enabled me to travel to increasingly lower-income and faraway places, which ironically made me question the utility of classical trombone and turn toward a career full of art and creativity, but also social justice and humanism—medicine! Switching to medicine was a difficult decision (and I may have bummed around the Philippines and NYC to avoid making it), but I eventually went to Thomas Jefferson University in Philly for med school. I’m so glad I did, because I’ve since developed deep interests in global health, disaster medicine, and wilderness medicine. While I still play trombone now and again, I’ve also really gotten into rock climbing, mountaineering, bike touring, solo backpacking, and just being an international dirtbag in general. I’ve lived out east for the past ten years, so returning to my favorite place in the world (the Southwest) for one of the best emergency medicine residency programs in the country is a dream come true. I chose Maricopa for the compelling patient population, family vibes, and opportunities to dive into any of my interests. Come over and say hi! We can’t wait to meet ya.

New York Institute of Technology - CHIEF RESIDENT

Brendan Tarzia

Hey guys! Brendan here. First off a big congrats to you for actually looking into programs and an even bigger one for finding these bios. I loved reading them and I hope you do also. A little about me: I’m from the great state of CT, so naturally I left when I was 18 and never looked back. I loved oranges so much I went to Syracuse University for college and absolutely loved it. Go ‘Cuse! I fell in love with Emergency Medicine when I became an EMT in college and graduated with degree in Health and Exercise Science… because not all of us did Bio. I spent the next year in North Carolina doing research in this until the mountains came calling and I moved to Colorado to work in an ED (to snowboard). I returned to NY for medical school but have finally found my way back West and couldn’t be happier to be at Copa! In my free time you’ll find me outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, or training for some sort of race or triathlon. My interests in EM are Sports Medicine and academics. The close-knit, family atmosphere here at Copa is unlike any other place I visited. Throw in our amazing patient population, county training, and opportunities geared toward developing your niche in EM and you’ve found a one of a kind program!

Case Western University

Brady Tucker

Greetings compadres! I’m Brady, a San Diego native who traded his surfboard and sandals for a mountain bike and boots when I moved to Utah for undergrad (Go Cougs!). I met my wife Rachel at school and after getting married we moved to Cleveland for medical school. We are happy to be back West in the mountains and desert exploring the outdoors (especially on bikes) and eating copious amounts of tacos. Our adventure crew has grown over the years and we have 2 boys who have added to the fun.

¡¿Why chose Maricopa (aka Creighton/Valleywise)?! Here at ‘Copa I saw the opportunity to personalize my residency experience and make it my own while still having the opportunity to work in a challenging county program. There is flexibility to explore interests (mine is wilderness medicine) with 3 months of elective time during a 3 year program. I get to work extensively with the Latin American population and enhance my language proficiency. All in a supportive setting with great faculty and a family of residents that support each other in and out of the hospital. Come to ‘Copa and see for yourself why our patients have voted our turkey sandwiches the best in the West.