Eastern Virginia Medical School

Tamara Armstrong

Hello everyone- I’m Tamara! I hail from Humboldt County, California (where the redwood trees are), but my family moved to Tucson right before I started high school. I went to U of A for undergrad (bear down!) and then ventured out to Eastern Virginia for medical school, mainly so I could study on the beach. I’m thrilled to be back in Arizona and at such an incredible program! I chose Copa because I knew I would be challenged in all the right ways while being supported by a group of amazing and fun people. Everyone here is super welcoming and you truly feel like part of the family. Plus, phoenix has all the perks of living in a big city without a crazy high cost of living and horrible traffic. In addition to exploring Phoenix, I also enjoy playing board games, reading psychological thrillers, binge watching Hulu, cuddling with my two cats, going to live shows and concerts, traveling to new places and pretty much anything involving water (swimming, river tubing, kayaking). I am beyond excited to start my new adventure as part of the Copa crew!

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Zoltan Buchwald

Hello all, Zoltan here! The resident bios were one of my favorite resources during the interview process, so I’m glad you found your way here. My one piece of advice: find a residency where you feel like you can be yourself and it simply feels right (hint ‘Copa). I never thought about becoming a doctor while growing up and in fact, I didn’t even want to go to college. I delivered pizza, worked at a garden, and later found myself in the Marine Corps Infantry where I discovered the impact of medicine and now here I am. I fell in love with Phoenix and ‘Copa during my interview, and I guess I hadn’t experienced enough desert sun in Afghanistan, so I dragged my wife and our two dogs all the way here from Florida. We can’t get enough of the amazing outdoors and take every opportunity to go hiking or simply sit outside at a local brewery. Come to visit, and you will see exactly why all of us have decided to make ‘Copa our home for the next three years!​

Creighton University School of Medicine - CHIEF RESIDENT

Kiki Field

Hi everyone! I’m Kiki, and I am originally from a small town in Northern California. I did my undergrad and master’s degrees at USC (Fight on!) where I studied Gerontology…look it up, it’s a real thing I swear! I made my way to Nebraska for med school at Creighton University where I learned a lot about corn, a little about medicine and most importantly that winter really isn’t for me. As you can imagine I’m thrilled to be in Arizona now! I chose Copa for a variety of reasons. I wanted to be in a safety-net hospital with a large volume of trauma and variety of pathology, but what stood out to me when I interviewed here were the people. I immediately felt welcomed and like I wanted to work alongside these people for the next three years. My interests outside of medicine definitely fit the EM stereotype…hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, running, basically anything that gets me outside! ​

University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Zach Killeen

Qué Pasa amigos? My name is Zach, and I’m a native Arizonan from right here in the valley of the sun. I grew up in northwest Phoenix, went to ASU for undergrad, U of A Phoenix for med school, and now I get to enjoy the fantastic Copa as an EM resident! Like all EM people, I’m big into the outdoors – backpacking, hiking, and climbing mostly. I’m also an avid diver, and I dabble in spearfishing when I can get out and escape to the ocean. As for the Copa, I honestly can’t say enough about the program, the faculty, the staff and the entire vibe of this place. You get free exposure to all types of training (county, community, academic) and on your off days, you get to enjoy 8 solid months of fantastic weather, as well as hiking, climbing and biking right in the middle of the city – not to mention the remarkable culture of the southwest! Love tacos? We have the best. Love pool parties? LOL, not even a competition. At the Copa, you will find people from all backgrounds with the same goal – excellent patient care. Overall, I couldn’t be happier training in a place that I love with such awesome people and in such a great environment. Come to check it out, hang with us and decide for yourself!​

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Campus

Jacob Mace

Hey there! I’m Jacob. I’m what you would classify as the classic ER resident when it comes to my hobbies outside of the hospital. I love all things outdoors like hunting, fishing, hiking, and the list goes on. I first caught the bug for emergency medicine as a firefighter and EMT in my tiny hometown of Mount Jackson, Virginia. Picture this: flying down the road, lights, and sirens, through our ONLY stoplight in the town! Yes, my town is that small! Because I came from such a small town, I didn’t feel at home in any of the big cities I went through on my interview trail. When I came to Phoenix, though, the feeling of a concrete jungle with nightmare parking never crossed my mind. And to top it off, being in the Maricopa Emergency Room felt like home because of the sense of pride is so evident in the people you meet. I’m thrilled to have this new family, the Copa Family.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Ilana Mayer

Hello, my name is Ilana! I am a redheaded Mexican Jew, with Zen-Buddhist-monk parents, and have so far lived in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Maine, Miami and now Phoenix! Are you confused yet?

I was born in Mexico City and lived there until I was 15 when my parents decided to move to Los Angeles to be closer to their Zen master. I finished high school in LA then went to Bowdoin College in Maine, where I developed an interest in hiking, rafting and any other excuse for fun outdoors. After surviving four years of Maine winters, I decided to move to sunny Florida for medical school at the University of Miami. Now I get to explore Arizona for my three years of residency!
So far I love Phoenix because you can live minutes away from legit hiking trails, while still enjoying the perks of living in a big city (fantastic food, endless happy hour options), there is minimal traffic, and the cost of living is very reasonable. I chose Maricopa for the unique patient population, laidback fun-loving resident culture, and outstanding faculty. I was surprised by how exceptionally supportive the other residents and attendings are from the moment you match at Maricopa!

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Cody Petrie

Hey all, I’m Cody. I grew up in rural Northern California doing country things – hiking, camping, fishing and learning first-hand the effectiveness of manual labor in steering a kid towards college. After going on a month-long trip studying water conservation throughout the Southwest (read: hiking, biking, rafting), I decided I wanted to attend The University of Arizona for undergrad. I initially pursued a career in engineering because I have always loved the design and tinkering with anything mechanical (I even restored my first car with my Dad, a baby blue 1964 Chevrolet Pickup). However, after working as an EMT and finding my passion for medicine, I changed my path and headed to Chicago for medical school. Even though I loved the art, music and great food of the big city – I missed the Southwest and being able to spend time outdoors. Now I’m back in my favorite state, at the best emergency medicine residency in the country. Copa is genuinely a family with incredible faculty, residents, and staff who are all committed to providing some of the best care in the nation to a patient population that truly deserves it. When I’m not busy working, I like to spend my time hiking, working out, trying new restaurants, exploring in my jeep and adding to my unnecessarily large sneaker collection. Come check us out and see what Copa is all about!

The Ohio State University College of Medicine - CHIEF RESIDENT

Jenny Edwards

Hi – I’m Jenny!! I’m from a little bit of everywhere. My dad was in the military, so I moved around a whole bunch, but I lived in Utah for the longest time and went to undergrad there (go Utes!). I felt the need to move to a new place and went to Ohio State for medical school. When I interviewed at Copa, I knew it was time to come back to the West. Not to mention, I was over the winters, and I missed the sun. In my spare time, I LOVE to eat, and I most definitely enjoy my Netflix time and reading books. My form of therapy is the gym and boxing. But since moving to Phoenix, I’ve been able to hike again (Ohio is VERY flat) and want to start kayaking. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be here, and I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to join all of us!!

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Terrence Potter

Howdy people and especially future EM docs! I’m Terence, and I’m new to Phoenix and liking it so far. I’m originally from the Chicago area, and I’ve gone to too many schools to list. My path to medicine has been a long one as I’m about as nontraditional as they come, and most of my time before medicine was in technology in San Francisco. I needed to make a positive and direct impact on people’s lives, and emergency medicine was the perfect fit. For residency, I wanted the county-type experience with co-residents and program leadership with whom I could learn from, grow with, and just enjoy being around. And, ideally, out west among the mountains and sunshine. I’ve scored on all those things! Copa is the place where a well rounded and well-meaning person can thrive, as there are residents from all over the country with a vast variety of interests and passions, and everyone is united in wanting to do the best for our patients, many of whom rely on Maricopa as their only place to turn for care. As a bonus, Phoenix is a world-class city with plenty of easy access to incredible outdoor activities like biking and hiking, and even skiing and snowboarding with Flagstaff two hours away!

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Chris Rajan

Hola amigos! I am Chris, and I grew up on the sandy beaches of Jupiter, Florida. I went to Florida State University and then worked in the DC metro area for a couple of years after college. Medical school eventually brought me to the great state of Arizona. What really attracted me to Maricopa was the people. The patient population is terrific, and it is great to be able to help some of the most underserved members of the community. The residents, attendings, and nurses at Maricopa are also amazing and some of the kindest people I have ever met. It also doesn’t hurt that Arizona is a state with countless outdoor recreational opportunities and stunning landscapes. I personally spend any free weekend I have backpacked with my dog or sailing on my Hobie cat (yes, we have water in Arizona). I hope that you have the opportunity to visit us and experience for yourself all that this program has to offer! ​

University of Massachusetts

Jerome Rogich

Hey all! I’m Jerome. I hail from the Northeast and absolutely stoked to be at ‘Copa. My path to becoming an Emergency Medicine physician wasn’t the most direct, but I’ve had some unique experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The first thought that I might want to settle in the West was while I was on a cross-country cycling trip in college. I was immediately impressed by the unique ethos, incredible vistas, access to the outdoors and the kind people. After college, I initially considered becoming a research scientist and completed a Master’s degree in Biochemistry. Through a crazy-turn of events, I ended up in South Africa working for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I lived in Durban for two years bioengineering microfluidic devices and living on the ocean. The environment here allowed me to escape the lab and reconnect with the outdoors. I picked up surfing, ran an ultramarathon and completed my PADI Rescue SCUBA certification. I arrived at UMass Medical School determined to find a career and a residency program that supported my passions for the outdoors without sacrificing exceptional clinical training. During interview season, it was clear that Maricopa’s vision and principles perfectly aligned with my own. Now that I am here, I’m confident of a few things. First, I’m fortunate to be joining such an amazing group of co-residents. Second, the culture, faculty and county environment will prepare me to practice anywhere when I graduate, and finally, that I’m going to need to pick up a really nice mountain bike to take advantage of the world-class trails here!

George Washington University School of Medicine

Courtney Shay

Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m the other redheaded Jew in the program. I hail from the East, but I came to Phoenix for the chance to be a part of the resident-run adventure that is Maricopa. I got suckered into Emergency Medicine after spending five years at my local volunteer fire department. My hobbies include food. Anything to do with food. I enjoy cooking, eating, grocery shopping, reading menus, studying vending machine offerings, reading books about the history of food, you get the idea. I am the type of person who keeps truffle salt in her purse for the impromptu hard-boiled egg. If you give me a root canal but feed me a good meal, I would probably enjoy that too. It gets weird. I also like pretending to be outdoors. I own expensive hiking boots, and I have trekked Macchu, and I have lots of cool photos to prove it. I also like photography. I should probably learn about food photography. Oh, I’ve never been rock climbing. But I love an excellent adventure, and you will probably get really sick of me beginning stories with “this one time in Nicaragua…”

University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix - CHIEF RESIDENT

Kate Townley

If you’re looking at this, then you’re probably wondering if you’ll like/fit in at Copa. I come from a state without a medical school (Montana), but Arizona was kind and adopted me as one of their own. Little did I know, I was actually a desert rat who was just pretending to like the snow and winter for 30+ years. Anyway, my life’s love (husband, Chris) and I decided we love this city, love the human and ecological diversity of this amazing state, have a proclivity for sunshine, want to explore all the trails/cacti/canyons/mountains all year round, and want to be better Español hablar-ers, so I crossed all my fingers and begged the EM program at Maricopa to let me stay. And here we are, happy as desert clams. It’s not too hot (it’s amazing most of the year), our patient population is fantastic, I love our culture (much like family), and best of all, they are training me to be a legit EM doc. So much awesomeness here in PHX/AZ/Copa.

University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Kimberly Weidenbach

Hi! I’m Kimberly. I was born and raised on the Monterey Bay peninsula of California and moved to Arizona after undergrad in 2005, following a boy. We have been married for 12 years now and have a beautiful baby girl, so it all worked out! Between undergrad and medical school, I received a masters in education and taught high school science in the east valley for many years but never could give up my love of medicine. During medical school, I continued volunteering with outreach and community education projects. I am also involved in tactical medicine, working with the state police SWAT team and EOD (Bomb) squad. At home, I love spending time with my family: my husband, daughter, and our two dogs and cat. I am also a former ballerina and now enjoy practicing pilates and Muay Thai, but my love of baking treats keeps me balanced. Arizona is home, and I am so grateful to be able to stay here at this fantastic program. The training is county EM at its best, and the people here are like family. Love the Copa Crew!

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Taylor Webb

Hey hey! My name is Taylor, and I’m a Phoenix native (well, Gilbert to be exact). I did my undergrad at Arizona State, medical school in West Virginia, and I’m thrilled to be back home for the next 3 years for residency at Maricopa! I met my southern belle Kentuckian wife during medical school and moved her and her three beautiful kids out to the southwest (right in the middle of the Arizona summer, sorry guys). I caught the emergency medicine bug in undergrad while working as a scribe in the ED at a local community hospital, and I haven’t looked back since! So, why Maricopa EM? Maricopa provides residents phenomenal experience in trauma and critical care, a wide variety of pathology you thought you’d only see on med school exams, and a department full of people that not only care about their patients but about each other. After working my first med student shift in the ED at Maricopa, I knew there was something different about this program, and it was that the residents, attendings, nurses, and everyone in the department genuinely loved working together. I couldn’t have picked a better program to match into!