Apply to Work or Rotate with Us

Whether it’s for 1 month or 3 years, here’s how to apply.

Apply to the Program

​We participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Hard copy applications will not be considered. Only completed applications will be reviewed in order to be offered an interview. Interview offers are given on a rolling basis beginning in mid-October. We currently have no unexpected vacancies in the residency and all of our applicant positions are committed through ERAS and the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) only.

A completed applications Includes:
– ERAS Common Application
– Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) – [medical school Dean’s Letter]
– Three letters of recommendation (two of which must be written by emergency medicine physicians). CORD Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) template is preferred (download SLOE). Due to COVID restraints on rotations, we are only requiring one SLOE and one OSLOE for 2020/21.
– Step 1 UMSLE or Step 1 NBOME transcripts
– Medical school transcript
– Personal statement

All correspondence regarding the status of your application is conducted by e-mail by the Program Coordinators, Michele “Miki” Floring and Alexis Ballentine, using the email address.  Therefore, applicants should have a reliable e-mail address that is checked in a timely manner. If you have not received a timely response to your email communication, or have additional questions, please call (602) 344-5808, or send us an e-mail at

Apply to Rotate Here

If you are interested in rotating in the Emergency Medicine or Emergency Ultrasound rotation, applications are submitted via Clinician Nexus You must include a brief cover letter addressing your interest in both in emergency medicine and Maricopa. The letter should be no more than 250 words. Applications without letter of interest will be considered incomplete.

Please contact Alexis Ballentine at if you have questions about rotation dates.

Block 1: 5/9/22-6/5/22
Block 2: 6/6/22-7/3/22
Block 3: 7/5/22-7/31/22
Block 4: 8/1/22-8/28/22
Block 5: 8/29/22-9/25/22
Block 6: 9/26/22-10/23/22
Block 7: 10/24/22-11/20/22
Block 8: 11/21/22-12/18/22
Block 9: 1/2/23-1/29/23
Block 10: 1/30/23-2/26/23
Block 11: 3/13/23-4/9/23
Block 12: 4/10/23- 5/7/23