Ultrasound Fellowship

So you’re REALLY interested in ultrasound? This is your place.

Our unique emergency ultrasound fellowship has been developed to blend cutting edge technology, novel applications and techniques, and expert workflow and administration. Fellows of the program will be provided with top-of-the-line training in emergency medicine ultrasonography, education, and research. Trainees will become specialists in all facets of the subspecialty and while working alongside a wonderful group of attending physicians, residents, and medical students throughout the one-year fellowship.

Participants of the fellowship will work in an environment that fosters education, research, and professional development. Some highlights of this innovative fellowship include:

  • Proctoring, mentoring, and educating physicians, residents, & medical students
  • Designing and implementing clinical research projects & protocols for emergency ultrasonography
  • Participating in on-going, innovative emergency ultrasound research projects
  • Teaching and lecturing at regional and national courses
  • Management of emergency ultrasound workflow and administration
  • A structured 12-month content focused training curriculum

​Fellowship Requirements: Scanning

The EM ultrasound fellow will successfully perform approximately 1200 focused, bedside ultrasound examinations during the one-year fellowship. Bedside scans will be performed during self-scheduled ultrasound shifts each month in the Maricopa Emergency Department. The fellow will be responsible for tracking his/her progress and number of scans performed throughout the year. Throughout the fellowship, the EM ultrasound fellow will receive directed feedback concerning accuracy, image quality, and sonographic technique utilized for image acquisition and interpretation through video review. The fellow will learn how to integrate bedside ultrasound findings into the clinical management of their patients.

Fellowship Requirements: Teaching

The EM ultrasound fellow will participate in teaching EM attending physicians, residents, nurses, and medical students at Maricopa Medical Center in emergency ultrasound. Throughout the year, the ultrasound directors and ultrasound fellow will conduct ultrasound QA/QI sessions to review the ultrasound database and provide directed feedback to the faculty, residents and medical students. The ultrasound fellow will have the opportunity to teach and lecture at a variety of courses and conferences during the fellowship year. The fellow will also be involved in development of online and mobile educational platforms.

Fellowship Requirements: Research

The EM ultrasound fellow will be surrounded by national leaders in research and education. During the year, the fellow will design and conduct individualized research project for publication. An expert departmental research team will be available to assist in data collection and analysis. An application for IRB approval can, and should be, initiated in the spring prior to fellowship commencement. The fellow will be actively involved in the data collection and interpretation, along with manuscript preparation for their research project. The ultrasound fellow will also be actively involved in the ongoing EM resident ultrasound research projects at Maricopa Medical Center. The fellow will be required to submit an abstract to one of the three major scientific meetings during their fellowship year: AIUM Annual Convention (June), SAEM Academic Assembly (May), or ACEP Scientific Assembly (October).

Fellowship Requirements: Administration

During the fellowship, the EM ultrasound fellow will learn about credentialing, billing, workflow, and process improvement. Bedside scans will be reviewed with the ultrasound directors with directed feedback to individual providers. The fellow will work alongside the EM ultrasound directors, hospital administration and IT to develop and manage workflow solutions for image archiving, retrieval, and documentation. The fellow will work with the ultrasound directors to build and improve the existing ultrasound image compendium used in our facilities. The fellow is expected to become familiar with the position statements and ultrasound guidelines from governing boards such as AMA, ACEP, SAEM, CORD, ACGME, and AIUM. The fellow will be trained on how to manage billing and coding for bedside, focused EM ultrasonography.

Other Information

Fellowship applicants must be graduates of an AAMC accredited medical school and must show proof of successful completion of an approved ACGME residency program.

Year Fellowship Started: 2010
Length of Fellowship: One academic year.
Number of Positions per year: 1-2 fellows per academic year.
Deadline for fellowship application: November 1st
Interviews scheduled: Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis.

Number of Sites
Maricopa Medical Center
University of Arizona-College of Medicine – Phoenix

Notable Faculty

Carl Mitchell, MD
Director, EM Ultrasound Fellowship

Jeffrey Stowell, MD
Associate Director, EM Ultrasound Fellowship

Previous Graduates
Dr. Julie Furmik (Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound), 2021-2022
Dr. Brendan Leach(Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2021-2022
Dr. Corey Steinbrecher (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2021-2022
Dr. Ashkon Mahmoudi (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2020-2021
Dr. Thomas Whiting (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2019-2020
Dr. Daniel Orosco, Dr. Levi Filler (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2018-2019
Dr. Daniel Rigdon (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2017-2018
Dr. Jason Grimsman (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2014-2015
Dr. Kathy Smith (Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound), 2014-2015
Dr. Carl Mitchell (Adult Emergency Ultrasound), 2013-2104

Thank you for your interest in the Maricopa Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship!

2022-2023 Ultrasound Fellows

Dr. Chris Borowy

Hello! My name is Chris Borowy and I’m ready to rock the world with ultrasound. I’m born in Michigan, but grew up in Phoenix. Went to AZCOM for school, Henry Ford Macomb for residency. Why ultrasound fellowship? Because everything is better with ultrasound jelly! When I’m not working you’ll find me cooking on my griddle or embracing full mustache’d dad mode with my two daughters and dogs.

Dr. Kat Lettang

Hi, I’m Kat, and I’m one of this year’s ultrasound fellows. I went to medical school at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and did my residency right here at Valleywise Health/Creighton University! I loved the hospital and the program so much that I wanted to stay around for another year for an ultrasound fellowship. My passion for ultrasound began in the Himalayas where I carried an ultrasound machine up to Everest Base Camp for research, but then realized how powerful of a tool it was in such an austere setting. Now I want to develop programs for ultrasound implementation in austere environments globally. In my spare time I like to paint, make music, pet doggos, and climb.




Chris Borowy, DO
Kat Lettang, MD