Vision & Principles

Guiding Principles

Maricopa Emergency Medicine is committed to creating the best emergency medicine residents by underscoring the following principles:

  1. Creating a dynamic, versatile learning community that encourages utilization of evidence based clinical practice and life-long learning through integration of bedside and didactic teaching as well as innovative technology.
  2. Graded and progressive responsibility with appropriate supervision.
  3. Challenging you to be the doctor you want to be by cultivating individual interests
  4. Promoting advocacy and mentorship for our residents.
  5. Achieving balance between the personal and professional goals of the emergency medicine resident.
  6. Strengthening the long standing tradition of pride and support.
  7. Cultivating a climate of academic scholarship and inquiry.

Vision Statement

Our organization’s primary duty is to develop board certified emergency physicians with the skills to be leaders in emergency medicine. We aspire to be a close knit, supportive residency that ensures residents excel in the pursuit of professional and personal goals while fostering a culture of academic excellence and service to the community.